Blog 4.5. Experimental Way of Living.

Experimental Blogging



Are you Travelling new places daily ? 🚴‍♀️

Do you Eating new dishes daily? 🍕

Interested in Learning new things daily?📖

Trying new things frequently is the Experimental Way of Living.

If you do any one of these things, congratulations you categorize for  Experimental Way of Living. 😜

This blog is a prime example of it. Before starting this blog I had never done any writing apart for my academics. And one fine day I decided that I would just start blogging and will write at least one blog daily. As of now, my fingers are crossed 🤞.

I Congratulate each one of us who dare to try new things and are always ready to explore new lands of opportunities. Experimenting is an 🍊Orange Thought.(If you don't know why I am talking about Orange Thoughts check out Blog 1 for more info First blog post)

Do comment below and let me know about the time when you did something crazy experimental.

Author: Vivek

An experimental blogger as of now. Trying to find new styles of blogging. Check my work at:

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